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Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic  

Mt. Ayr Clinic

504 N. Cleveland
Mt. Ayr, IA 50854-2201
PH: 641-464-4470
FAX: 641-464-4476

The Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic is located in Ringgold County Hospital and serves the general care needs of patients in Ringgold County and beyond. Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our professional providers are available on a regular, rotating schedule. In addition to seeing patients by appointment, urgent care visits can also be scheduled during regular office hours. Additional services and educational opportunities listed below.

Q: What is the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic?

A: We’re a local doctor’s office – we just happen to be located inside a hospital. We’re open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, and we provide complete care for both children and adults.

We’re always busy, but we have a “no child is turned away” policy. If a child is sick and needs attention, we will always find a way to see them. Sometimes we function like an “Urgent Care” office, and treat people who require immediate attention.

Q: Should I go to a doctor in the city to get the most advanced healthcare?

A: Just like a clinic or doctors’ office in a big city, patients see their doctor by making an appointment. When there’s an urgent situation, the clinic’s team of doctors, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, and nurses ensure that everyone gets the appropriate level of care. Our staff has years of experience working together, working with our patients, and working within our community. We’re able to combine advances in technology and medicine with the warmth and comfort of long-term relationships. There’s a feeling of trust because everyone’s committed to good health.

Q: What’s different about the clinic?

A: First and foremost, our enthusiastic staff is remarkable. They’re high energy, with an exceptional commitment to our patients. You’ll find our staff in the clinic of course, but you’ll also find them out in the community, being themselves, helping wherever they can. Staff nurses often work as case managers, caring for our elderly population and ensuring their needs are met. And, believe it or not, we make house calls in special circumstances.

We also cater to our patients. If you need lab work, we’ll bring the lab into the exam room rather than leaving you to wander through the hospital. If you need to go to another department, like Medical Imaging, we’ll escort you, and make sure you’re comfortable and settled in.

Q: Who’s on staff?

A: Our team of medical professionals is led by Bruce Ricker, D.O. and Mike Magers, D.O and Jerald Phipps, D.O. Our family nurse practitioner, Marcy Gregg, and Ron Schafer, a physician’s assistant, also treat clinic patients. A dynamic team of nurses contributes to the high level of patient care.

Q: What about fees and payments?

A: A great patient experience involves more than just the contact with the medical staff. We won’t cure your illness, and then be a pain in the neck when it comes to billing and insurance. Our clinic manager understands the business side of healthcare. Along with her staff of professionals, they help with everything from filing insurance claims to explaining benefits. We try to simplify the complicated world of today’s healthcare system.

Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic provides the following services:

Diabetes Education

Self-management education is an essential component of diabetes management. The Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic is committed to giving patients the tools needed to assume a major role in their diabetes management.

Marcy Gregg, ARNP and certified diabetes educator, along with Mary Baker, LPN and a dietician from Mercy Medical Center, conduct diabetes education classes at the clinic, addressing a variety of topics including: diabetes disease process; nutritional management; physical activity; medications; monitoring; preventing, detecting and treating acute complications; preventing, detecting, and treating chronic complications through risk reduction; goal setting and problem solving; psychological adjustment; and preconception care, management during pregnancy, and gestation management.

Participants do not need to be current patients of the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, but a referral from a family physician is required. Please call 641-464-4470 for more information.

Home Visits

The Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic recognizes that some patients are medically unable to travel. Ron Schafer, PA-C, provides an important service by making house calls for Medicare home-bound patients who reside within a 20-mile radius of Mt. Ayr.

Please call 641-464-4470 for more information.

Wound Care

Ron Schafer, PA-C, has received certification in wound care. He provides this specialized service at the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, working with patients who suffer from chronic and difficult-to-treat wounds.

Please call 641-464-4470 for more information.


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