The physicians and nurse practitioners who serve the Ringgold County community have a lot in common. The desire to help people of all ages and in all stages of their lives is a recurring theme. They’re professionals who are most often seen in their professional environments: Ringgold County Hospital, the Mt. Ayr Medical Clinic, or a local private practice. But they all have lives away from medicine too. We asked them a few questions to find out a little more about them.

Dr. Ricker

Bruce Ricker, D.O.

I have been a practitioner for 32 years and I first realized I wanted to be a medical professional when I was a child. I had to have surgery when I was a young boy and my parents told me to respect the doctors. I enjoy getting to know my patients and having a relationship with them. Going through the good and the bad times of their lives with them like an extended family member is my favorite aspect of being a doctor.

Favorite vacation activities: I like to waterski, go boating, walk on the beach, golf, watch both the sunrise and the sunset.
Favorite treat: Chocolate malt
Last great book I’ve read: The Bible – over and over again.
If I could have dinner with anyone, I’d choose Jesus.

Brad Wilson, D.O.

I’ve been practicing medicine for two years. I realized back in high school that this was the job for me. I love the challenge, the variety, and most especially the people. It’s so rewarding to be able to help families and by that I mean people of all ages, from babies to grandparents.

Favorite vacation activity: Read, play sports, and play games with our two daughters.
Favorite treat: German chocolate cake
The last great book I’ve read: “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell.
If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Winston Churchill.

Nicole Wilson, D.O.

I’ve been practicing medicine for two years. My interest in becoming a doctor started when I was in high school. I went on mission trips to Brazil and Venezuela and saw the lack of medical care. It inspired me to pursue health care as a career. I love being able to use my problem-solving skills to figure out challenging cases and help others at the same time.

Favorite vacation activity: Traveling to new places, relaxing and playing outdoor with my family.
Favorite treats: Chocolate chip cookies and candied pecans.
The last book I read: “Two by Two” by Nicholas Sparks.
If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Mother Teresa. I’m inspired by her view of the world and her humility.

Marcy Gregg, ARNP

Marcy Gregg, ARNP

I’ve been a nurse practitioner for 18 years. The idea of helping people is what first attracted me to the profession. Since high school, I’ve found the idea of the human body so interesting. I loved working in surgery so I could see how the body worked on the inside. It’s just so amazing.

Favorite vacation activity: I love sunny days, beaches, family, running, sightseeing and hanging out with friends.
Favorite treat: Chocolate
The last great book I read: The Bible.
If I could have dinner with anyone it would be all of my grandparents.

Ed Wehling, D.O. and Melissa Friedrich, CRNA

I’ve been practicing medicine for 10 years. I realized in 8th grade that I wanted to help people, so I decided then and there to become a doctor. Helping people improve their lives is my favorite part of the job.

Favorite vacation activity: Hunting
Favorite treat: Anything that’s bad for you!
Last great book I’ve read: Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”
If I could have dinner with anyone, I’d sit down with George Strait.

Dwain Crain, D.O. and Raydeen Derscheid, ARNP

I’ve been in the medical field for 30 years. Twenty years as a nurse, and 10 as a nurse practitioner. It was my grandmother, who was also a nurse, who inspired me to pursue it as a career. My favorite part of being a nurse practitioner is interacting and caring for families throughout their lives. I just really want to help others.

Favorite vacation activity: Traveling, seeing the world, trying new things, and planting flowers.
Favorite treat: Italian food is my favorite, but I also like local flavors. When I travel for example, I like to eat lobster in Maine.
The last great book I read: The Bible.
If I could have dinner with anyone it would be Jesus.

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