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Radiology Q: What is Medical Imaging?

A: Medical Imaging is the technique used for taking pictures of the inside of the human body. High-quality images allow physicians to diagnose your condition accurately, which in turn helps them determine the most effective plan of care for you. Whether it’s breast cancer or a sprained ankle, the first step in the healing process is an accurate picture of the current situation.

Q: What kinds of Medical Imaging services are available at Ringgold County Hospital?

A: If you can name it, we can take a picture of it. From your son’s head injury during football practice to the inflamed appendix in an elderly uncle, we have the technology and the expertise to accurately get the image required by your doctor. We’re particularly proud of our digital mammography suite, which was designed so women can get in and out in around 10 minutes. Our full service, state-of-the-art center provides the best medical imaging technology in a convenient, comfortable setting.

Q: Should I go to a bigger hospital if I want the latest technology?

A: Bigger isn’t always better. At Ringgold County Hospital, we’re proud to have modern equipment like digital mammography, CT scan, ultrasound, as well as nuclear medicine and MRIs. And there’s no question that the equipment is important: everyone deserves access to the most sophisticated and accurate technology. We’re proud that we have the newest equipment and the expertise to use it correctly.

Q: Speaking of expertise, who works in your Medical Imaging department?

A: Our staff sets us apart from other imaging departments. At Ringgold County Hospital Medical Imaging, all of our radiologists and technologists are state and board certified. We bring together high-tech equipment with highly trained professionals who genuinely care about their patients.

Q: I’d like to stay close to home, but I have several doctors. Can they get access to my files and images?

A: Our goal is to help every patient get better, faster. We want to work with your medical team, no matter who they are, or where they are. We have the latest technology, including digital image sharing, so your physicians can collaborate on your care. A permanent record of all images is created. We can provide remote access to your images 24 hours a day.

Ringgold County Hospital Medical Imaging provides:

Basic Diagnostic Radiology (X-ray): Two imaging rooms are used for capturing X-ray images.

Fluoroscopy: Special procedures, such as upper and lower GI studies, are captured with live X-ray, called fluoroscopy. CT Scan: A multi-slice scanner used for everything from a brain tumor to an appendix is the same quality equipment found in larger communities.

Mammography: The FDA-certified, digital mammography suite offers the best in breast cancer detection. Breast biopsies are performed in conjunction with the surgery department.

Ultrasound: Images are captured in real time, showing the structure and movement of the body’s internal organs, as well as blood flowing through vessels.

Mobile Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear Sonics of Iowa provides weekly scanning to determine how parts of the anatomy are functioning like hearts, gall bladders, or bones.

Mobile MRI: Shared Medical Services provides weekly MRIs for knee, neck, and back injuries as well as strokes and other conditions.



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